The grounding of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal might just be a metaphor for life – how can you get out of your own way and restore flow to your life?

This brilliant cartoon from Chaz Hutton reminds us in some ways we’re all like that ship stuck in the Suez Canal.There were a lot of funny memes floating (pun intended) around about the container ship finally freed yesterday but this caught my eye.Because I can relateProcrastination is my biggest obstacle, and all the to-do lists in the world (and I have a lot of them) aren’t helping me get things done.I need to remove bottlenecks by focusing on the tasks that get me closer to my goals.I need to define processes and systematise everything – not only to improve my workflow but to allow me to delegate things so I focus on the work that ONLY I can do.Question: what can you do to improve YOUR workflow?

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