Discovery is Not Just for Prospects – It’s for Customers Too

Discovery isn’t just reserved for prospecting new customers. It’s should be ongoing throughout the relationship. Here’s why.

"Discovery isn't just reserved for prospecting new customers. It's something that should be ongoing throughout the relationship" ~ Ronni Gaun

So said Ronni Gaun, Top 100 Customer Success Strategist in 2020 when I interviewed her for the Key Account Management in Action Vodcast.

Ronni shared many reasons why customer success is so important right now, not least because it's moved beyond how a customer uses your solution to why.

And that means:

  • Be alert to churn queues
  • Find expansion opportunities
  • Understand your customers business
  • Ask questions that go beyond the obvious
  • Reflect on what's important to your customers
  • Always know what your next step is
Ronni promotes self-awareness and reflection.

And it kind of blew my mind a little.

We're so busy that we don't take enough time to think, what does it all mean?

The example we discussed was when a customer cancels a QBR. Normally I'd say no problem when can we reschedule.

But if you pause and think, why are they cancelling? Why do they no longer have the time we agreed months ago? Why is this meeting not a priority for them?

Suddenly - there's a lot more to consider than finding a new time for the QBR!

Great advice Ronni!

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