Behind the Scenes of The KAM Club 

 February 16, 2021

By  Warwick Brown

Inside The KAM Club

The KAM Club is a private learning community helping busy key account managers get results.

It's also a labour of love.

In this interview with Callie Willows of The Membership Academy I reveal The KAM Club origin story:

  • How I went from blogger to entrepreneur
  • Why I decided to create a membership community for key account managers
  • What was holding me back and why I finally took the plunge into entrepreneurship
  • How I structure the membership and plan content
  • Why money isn't everything

Warwick Brown

Warwick Brown has led business development and account management teams in Australia and Europe for more than 15 years and worked with some of the world's most prestigious firms, including Merck & Co, Deutsche Bank, McKinsey & Company and Vodafone. His mission is to help account managers everywhere who are short on time and big on ambition get results.

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