I had no idea what Tiger Teams are

But I do now

The Gartner for Sales CSO Quarterly is out and shares some interesting emerging sales trends for Q1.

They described Tiger Teams as:

“A group of specialists, or a task force, gathered to temporarily collaborate toward a specific goal.”

You might put a Tiger Team together by inviting colleagues to help you win some business… or retain it. To solve problems or to innovate.

They explain the needs to systematise Tiger Teams and the challenges of forming them virtually.

In last week’s The KAM Project we talked about Tiger Teams and other emerging trends from the CSO Quarterly including:

  • Territory Planning
  • Internal Collaboration
  • Virtual Selling
  • Customer Access

The KAM Club members just login to watch the replay.

What do you think of Tiger Teams?

Have you heard the term? Do you have them in your organisation? Are they useful?

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